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Adonius D. Johnson

Adonius Mr. Johnson is an author, entrepreneur, and transformational Success Coach. As early as 1997 he began writing down his goals and making them plain. He was always capturing short notes, and recording thoughts and ideas that later formed his book “I AM, My Life Coach” (2016). International exposure to “I AM, My Life Coach” further supported interest and fed the demand for a Spanish translation that was released in 2018. 

Born in Chicago, Mr. Johnson was raised by a single parent. He struggled through a failing public school system, a broken justice system, and a dysfunctional community; all of which propelled him into entrepreneurship. His successful entrepreneurial endeavors began in 2002 as a contractor for the United States Department of Defense. He was a vendor providing on-time projects, great investments for money spent, and leadership over project scopes. He also expanded to own several retail stores, real estate investments, and a barbershop. He was a corporate professional by day and a fluid designer, transformer, and restorer by night; this allowed him to reinvest integrity in the business community. In 2015 he founded Invisible Crown Inc. which is a coaching firm and acts as a resource hub for both individuals and corporate clientele. 

Hi achievements have allowed him to travel the world delivering the gift of success and transformation through his Success Coach platform, design, and techniques. Some people focus on obtaining all the ingredients to success and end up missing the big picture. Mr. Johnson has discovered the formula to change lives through his teaching and support of reconditioning of the mind.

What Mr. Johnson enjoys most is analyzing the current ways society functions, and then developing new systems that produce results, leaders, and entrepreneurs. His teachings encourage and support becoming your own boss and being a business owner.  There is something that his grandmother (and many others) used to say, “To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.” He walks in this philosophy by investing in Human Capital, which he believes is the greatest gift to the world, by reshaping and reconditioning one person at a time.

In 2013 he experienced five days in a spiritual coma, and this deeply connected him with God’s agape love in a way he had never known before. God has had such an immense impact on his life, he knows that it was God’s love and the renewing of his mind and spirit that pulled him through that coma. His strong spiritual beliefs fostered his own walk as a God-fearing man who operates from matters of the heart. 

Mr. Johnson’s success comes from his life experiences and his unwavering faith. He is educated, down to earth, and well-rounded; yet his journey continues to be shaped and molded by each positive and negative experience that reinforces who he is and what he stands for. Mr. Johnson spends his time and energy developing winning attitudes within those around him. This unwavering commitment and mindset allows those he works with to elevate the way they think about situations in their own life, and allows them to experience excellence through passion. His personal passion is to introduce a new way of thinking to the world, and it was birthed through his own personal journey of transformation.
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Change is inevitable. The world has experienced unprecedented changes. Loss, trauma, and self-care are the words heard around the world. Global transformation is taking place, however now is the time for personal transformation.

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